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EuroKids Preschool in RT Nagar

Euro kids R T Nagar branch operating under the Franchisee name Rushika's Schools is one of the oldest branch in Bangalore. Inaugurated  on 30th June 2003, this branch successfully completed 15 years of operation in R T Nagar. Children learn under the great leadership of the centre director Mrs. BhartiPrakash and her dedicated team of efficient Teachers. The entire team of Euro kids R T Nagar  is complimented for their perseverance, patience, enthusiasm and above all their dedication. Bharti Prakash is also featured in Coffee Table Book " Meet the Incredible" as one of the Best Franchisee in India.

A Pre-School is your child’s first experience away from you and it’s a huge leap for you as parents as well as for your child. This transition of your child between home and school has to be smooth, that’s why we have Buddy, Your Child's Fun-Partner. As your little bundle of joy takes the first step into a new world, he or she is not alone. Buddy is always there to help him/her get comfortable and offer a nurturing environment. This makes Buddy your child’s best friend in the outside world.

Our Philosophy

Learning at EuroKids happens through experience and reflection on doing. With Buddy, your child experiences quality education and learns to explore and enjoy the surroundings. The integrated use of scientifically designed games, toys and technology makes learning a lot more fun and engaging. Our emphasis on the child’s well-being and development in close coordination with parents, makes it a perfect experience for your child. This exciting 360 degree engagement is what makes
EuroKids Your Child’s Second Home!

Why EuroKids

At EuroKids, we are redefining early child care education for over 15 years with focus on providing a fun based learning environment. Keeping the ‘Child First’ ideology at the core of our pedagogy, we ensure their development, safety and engagement needs are met in a home like environment as they Play, Learn & Grow and imbibe essential life skills.

Our Curriculum

Learning is a life skill that goes beyond reading and writing. Through constant innovation & years of experience in early child care education, we ensure the right balance of stimulation and age appropriate learning in every child. Our latest Version 6.0 Pre-School curriculum is based on research findings by Centre on The Developing Child at Harvard University which focuses on developing ‘Executive Function Skills’ (EFS) that are crucial for building positive behaviour in children from an early age.

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Playgroup :  Age [1.8 to 3 years]

Nursery : Age [2.5 to 4 years]

EuroJunior : Age [3.5 to 5 years]

EuroSenior  : Age [4.5 to 5 years]

Summer Camp : Age [2 to 10 years]

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Buddy understands the importance of language, especially during a child’s growing years, that is why we have incorporated a path-breaking initiative called SPEAK into the curriculum. SPEAK stands for Speech, Pronunciation, Expression, Application and Knowledge. It helps children to learn various nuances of a language with emphasis on pronunciation, diction, proficiency, phonetics etc.

EuroKids is the 1st to introduce Motion Based Learning (MBL) in the country. With MBL, Buddy seamlessly introduces children to the world of knowledge. It enables children to understand, develop and enhance their learning. MBL uses specially designed games, stories, rhymes and digital content for giving a child an enriching learning experience.

This is a toy library which gives children access to carefully selected learning based toys to take home and play. These toys are chosen keeping in mind the age of the child and aims to develop skills like logical reasoning, abstract thinking, aesthetic skills, visual perception, analytical reasoning and critical thinking.

EuroGym is India’s first specialised children’s gym that provides quality fitness training to children of various age groups. We use various fun equipment at EuroGym like trampoline, ball pools, foam mats, swiss balls and fun obstacle courses to keep your chid active and fit. We record your child’s progress and conduct a fitness test every 8-10 weeks for flexibility and endurance.

Our Wellness program initiates health check-ups within the pre-school premises for 4 parameters, paediatric, ENT, Dental & Eyesight. Since safety is of utmost importance in pre-schools, we ensure that all equipment used for diagnosis are WHO/FDA approved and are sterilised. Parents are given Report Cards with comments & feedback that helps to access health of the kids.

It helps children discover and develop an ear for music. We encourage them to explore musical instruments like the drum, triangle with holder tambourine, one bell & three bell jingles, slide whistle, clackers, etc. and conduct fun musical sessions with interesting themes like nature, fun n frolic, good manners etc.

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